Global Village


When I visited Dubai the last time, I missed out on the opportunity to go global village, I know right ? who does that but I knew in a few months time Dubai will be home and i’ll be a part of this magical city.

So this Friday we made our way to Global village around 8:30 pm, while we were looking for parking my all I could think about the walk to the main entrance but to my surprise there were shuttles available, So actually you can park anywhere and the shuttle will take you to the nearest entrance. (how cool). we parked our car (it’s free parking) and walked for about 2 minutes to free shuttle service, we waited for only about 5 mins and wolla we were in the bus. (oh I we got to see fireworks exactly at 9 and they happen every Thursday and Friday).

The entry fee is 15 aed, there are around a gazillion counters so no need to worry about the que wait. ( I am still in awe with how organized it was).

Global Village apart from the name that gives it all away it is a mix of a festival, theme park and art. There is so much for everyone, there’s shopping, games, food, music and if you one of us and just want to roam around and explore yes yes it is for you too !!

It’s pretty educational too, as you move from country to country, you get a sense of their architecture, handicrafts, what are they famous for like I gathered that Yemen is for honey and spices, Pakistan is for leather, Iran smelt of saffron, Turkey for hand-painted ceramic and so much more.


There are variety of restaurants from Hyderabadi biryani to taco’s so choose your pick and plenty of stalls around if you want to snack or have quick bites. if you’re a chai love, they have that covered too. we had a corn on cob just Pakistani style minus the chaat masala.

Plus the weather in Dubai is perfect for a day out. Just a little tip wear your trusty pair of shoes.



Money Exchange √


Prayer Room √

Mart √

Toilets √





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